Trees may be pre-ordered or purchased directly from the farm.

We suggest pre ordering your trees to get the best selection! Orders will not be assembled until payment in full is received. Orders may be picked up in Edmonton (you will be notified of time and location to pick up your order) or at the farm on our designated sale days.

Tree Sales at the Orchard

Saturdays April 28th thru June 9th, September 1st thru September 30th 

10:00 AM– 5:00 PM ONLY!

Or by appointment: Call 780‑910‑8847 or email sproutfarmsappleorchards@gmail.com

2018 Fruit Tree Availability ListSeasonUSESwhips2yr branched under 3ft3ft and up

Y - Indicates size available

Alexander AppleA very late apple that keeps well; firm, crisp flesh is very tastyLateE, C, D, J, SYY
Breaky AppleEarly to mid season, bright orange red coloringEarlyE, C, D, JY
Carrol AppleLarge green/pink apple with a delicious sweet flavourEarly/MidE, D, JYY
Collet AppleMedium red striped apple, keeps well, excellent for piesMidE, C, D, J, SY
Fall Red AppleLarge red fruit with a slightly tart flavour; fruit keeps wellMid/LateE, C, D, JYY
Garland AppleLarge green/red apple that keeps its shape well and has a delicious flavour for pieLateC, D, J, SY
Goodland ApplePale green apple with a pink blush; a favourite apple for eating and cooking that keeps wellMid/LateE, C, D, J, SYY
Harcourt AppleMedium size. Green with red striping. Great addition to juice.Early/MidE, C, D, JY
Mac Spur AppleA type of Macintosh; looks and tastes very much like a MacLateE, C, D, J, SYY
Norda AppleMedium fruit is firm with a red-orange colour and a delicious flavour; keeps wellMidE, C, D, J, SY
Norkent Apple

Medium fruit is firm with a red-orange colour and a delicious flavour; keeps well

MidE, C, D, J, SYYY
Red Sparkle AppleMedium Mac-like apple with good flavour; fruit is a moderate keeperLateE, C, D, JY
Red Wonder AppleDark red apple with a unique red flesh; tart flavour and flesh colour make it great for bakingMidE, C, D, JYYY
Renown ApplecrabSmall, firm fruit is very sweet; fruit is a great favourite for fresh eating and juiceEarlyE, C, D, JYY
Rosybrook ApplecrabMedium sized applecrab is crunchy with a sweet, sharp flavour; fruit makes great juiceMidE, C, D, JYY
September Ruby AppleMedium to large red apple with great flavour for fresh eating and cookingMid/LateE, C, D, J, SY
Simonette AppleA delicious gold/red apple with wonderful flavour; keeps wellMid/LateE, C, D, J, SY
Sunnybrook AppleLarge, yellow/red fruit makes great pie; sweet tart flavour is deliciousEarlyE, C, D, J, SYY
Trailman ApplecrabYellow applecrab with a red blush, distintive honey flavorMidE, C, D, JY
Vick's Pick AppleMedium striped red fruit is good for eating, pies and juiceMidE, C, D, JYY
Wealthy AppleMedium green apple well striped with red. Moderate keeper, freezes well. Great for bakingLateE, C, D, J, SY
E - Fresh Eating 
C - Cooking 
D - Dehydrating 
J - Juice 
S - Will store into the winter
Most apples will store up to 1 month if kept cool.

We store our trees outside through the winter and, although we do our best to ensure the health of our trees, we occasionally have losses in inventory due to rodents or weather. We do our best to fill your orders as requested, but please consider allowing us to make substitutions if need be. If there are any problems with your order, we will notify you as soon as possible once the snow has gone and we have an accurate inventory.

GST will be added to the above prices. We do not ship to BC or Ontario.

Stock will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We now accept Debit, Visa, MasterCard or Interac transfer.

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Save the form to your computer, fill it out, re-save it and then email a copy to  sproutfarmsappleorchard@gmail.com.

The size and shape of trees make them very difficult and expensive to ship. If you require shipping, please contact us to discuss the best method and costs.

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