Farming in any form can be challenging at times in Alberta. With tree fruit crops the combination of weather, such as heavy frosts at the wrong time, fluctuating temperatures and wind can greatly affect the productivity of our trees. These weather challenges make it difficult for us to maintain a steady income without working off the farm. It is additionally challenging for us to maintain the orchard while working off the farm. 

Community-shared agriculture allows our CSA partners and us to share the bounty and the pitfalls of growing fruit crops in Alberta. With the payment made at the beginning of the season, it puts money in the bank to help cover production costs. This allows us to spend more time on production and grow a better crop for you. With CSA, the clients share in the risk; sometimes there will be bountiful crops and sometimes there will be complete failures. Clients will receive fruit shares that reflect the crop that is available in any one season and will have priority over our farm gate sales.

Clients receive delicious locally grown, pesticide-free, and sustainably grown fruit and have an opportunity to take part in the production of the crop, enjoy our orchards, and build a community with like-minded people. You are asked to commit to 12 hours of work on the farm during the fruit season. We will have maintenance work bees on Saturdays throughout the season, and you will be invited to assist in harvesting the crop during the week prior to delivery dates. Shareholders will receive information on these dates when they sign up.

Shareholders will receive a fruit box once per week for 11 weeks, approximately July 15th to October 7th. The shares will be available in two sizes, small - suitable for a couple or a young family and large - suitable for a family of four. The actual amount of fruit will vary, depending on the crop and what is ready at the time.

Shares contain apples, plums, pears, sour cherries, saskatoons, raspberries, and rhubarb. All fruits will be labeled as to cultivar, and the bag will contain an assortment of cultivars that are in season. Throughout the season, you may receive jams, dehydrated apples, and fresh-pressed cider and other treats.

Orders can be dropped at your designated pickup locations in Edmonton, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park. Pickup locations will be chosen once we have a list of shareholders. There will also be a pickup day at the farm.

Cost – Price is for the whole season for those who commit to 12 hours of work.

Picked up at farm:

Small share, approximately 5 lbs$220.00
Large share, approximately 10 lbs$340.00

Delivered to specified locations:

Small share, approximately 5 lbs$265.00
Large share, approximately 10 lbs$385.00

$50.00 will be added to the prices if you still want a share but are unable to commit to 12 hours of work. The rate can be reduced if you commit to at least some work hours.

To book your share, email us!


Please leave your name, address, phone number, the size of the share you would like to purchase, and whether you wish to pick up at the farm or have it delivered. We will then invoice you and arrange for payment.

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