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Tree Sales

We will have trees available for sale in the fall of 2017. Trees will be sold at the nursery only Friday thru Saturday August 18th until October 15th. Appointments throughout the week may be possible please call 780‑910‑8847 to arrange an appointment.

Price per bare root 1-year whips is $29.00, GST included. We only ship within Canada, We do not ship to BC or Ontario.

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Stock will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We now accept Debit, Visa, MasterCard or Interac transfer.

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Cultivars available in 2017

Apples and Applecrabs

Note: GST will be added to the prices shown below:

  • Alexander Apple – A very late apple that keeps well; firm, crisp flesh is very tasty ($29.00 + GST)
  • Carrol Apple – Large green/pink apple with a delicious sweet flavour ($29.00 + GST)
  • Collet Apple – Medium red striped apple, keeps well, excellent for pies ($29.00 + GST)
  • Fall Red Apple – Large red fruit with a slightly tart flavour; fruit keeps well ($29.00 + GST)
  • Garland Apple – Large green/red apple that keeps its shape well and has a delicious flavour for pie ($29.00 + GST)
  • Goodland Apple – Pale green apple with a pink blush; a favourite apple for eating and cooking that keeps well ($29.00 + GST)
  • Haralred Apple – Large, hard red/green apple; great flavour develops by Christmas after storage; keeps very well ($29.00 + GST)
  • Harcourt Apple – Medium sized green apple with red striping; fruit is great out of hand and for juice ($29.00 + GST)
  • Honeycrisp Apple – Large red apple, keeps well. Hardy in urban areas marginal in exposed areas. Good flavor for fresh eating ($29.00 + GST)
  • Mac Spur Apple – A type of Macintosh; looks and tastes very much like a Mac ($29.00 + GST)
  • Norkent Apple – Medium fruit is firm with a red-orange colour and a delicious flavour; keeps well ($29.00 + GST)
  • Norson Apple – Small, bright red fruit is delicious for fresh eating and juice; fruit keeps moderately well ($29.00 + GST)
  • Prairie Magic Apple – Large green/red fruit; great apple for eating fresh and for pies; good keeper ($29.00 + GST)
  • Redant Apple – Large reddish green apple. Excellent keeping. Great for cooking and eating, Sweet tart flavor ($29.00 + GST)
  • Red Sparkle Apple – Medium Mac-like apple with good flavour; fruit is a moderate keeper ($29.00 + GST)
  • Red Wonder Apple – Dark red apple with unique red flesh; tart flavour and flesh colour make it great for baking ($29.00 + GST)
  • Renown Applecrab – Small, firm fruit is very sweet; fruit is a great favourite for fresh eating and juice ($29.00 + GST)
  • Rosybrook Applecrab – Medium sized applecrab is crunchy with a sweet, sharp flavour; fruit makes great juice ($29.00 + GST)
  • September Ruby Apple – Medium to large red apple with great flavour for fresh eating and cooking ($29.00 + GST)
  • Simonette Apple – A delicious gold/red apple with wonderful flavour; keeps well ($29.00 + GST)
  • Summer Red Apple – Large, red apple that is nice and firm for eating fresh ($29.00 + GST)
  • Sunnybrook Apple – Large, yellow/red fruit makes great pie; sweet tart flavour is delicious ($29.00 + GST)
  • Trailman Applecrab ($29.00 + GST)
  • Vick’s Pick Apple – Medium striped red fruit is good for eating, pies and juice; fruit stores well ($29.00 + GST)
  • Wealthy Apple – Medium green apple well striped with red. Moderate keeper, freezes well. Great for baking ($29.00 + GST)
  • Westland Apple – Large early season apple, wonderful for apple crisp. Sweet tart flavor ($29.00 + GST)
  • 9-22-End Apple – Medium yellow apple striped with red. Great flavor for eating and cooking. Early ripening, moderate storage ($29.00 + GST)


  • Early Gold Pear – Small, golden pear with a Bartlett-like flavour is good for fresh eating and juice
  • Golden Spice Pear – Small firm pear; great for canning and juice

Plums (very limited supply)

  • Brookgold Plum – Sweet yellow plum, delicious eating. Ripe in mid-August
  • Ivanovka Plum – Toonie sized green/ purple fruit, Very sweet and juicy
  • Prairie Plum – Golf ball sized fruit. Red skin yellow flesh. Ripe in late August. Sweet and Juicy

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We will be open for tree sales Friday thru Sunday 9:00 am until 5:00 pm August 18th until October 15th

If you are interested in placing a tree order, you may contact us by downloading and completing the order form with the link located on this page. Save to your computer and email it to

Please use the form below to submit questions or comments. Please include as much information as you can when submitting your inquiry, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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